About Us

ID Consulting Engineering has a long proven history in conducting major inspections and Certification for the continued safe use of all types of Overhead Cranes. Our certified engineer has conducted hundreds of Major Inspections and Certifications of Overhead Cranes, Jib and Goliath Cranes and monorail structures in Australia alone.


Our worldwide experience for more than 30 years in design, manufacture, maintenance and service of Overhead Cranes helps us developing comprehensive engineering assessments in all types of applications and providing the right solution to our customers.


ID Consulting Engineering is an independent consulting company specifically in the field of Overhead Cranes and is able to provide lifting solution to any type of application - from light/ low classification crane to heavy/high duty cranes.


We make a difference in the crane industry as being one of the pioneers in conducting Major Inspections and the calculation of the remaining life span of each crane. Producing comprehensive reports of the conditions of each crane and recommending rectifications or modifications to bring the crane in compliance with the relevant Australian Standard, helps our customers save on costly and most of the time unnecessary dismantling and decommissioning of the crane.


We act on behalf of the crane users and are always prepared to discuss every individual need and provide the most comprehensive, cost effective and reliable solution to meet their business needs.